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Chef Iván Rodríguez López is owner and operator of restaurants Ivan Chefs Justo and Al Carbon in Havana, Cuba and offers professional catering services for events, weddings, private parties and culinary experiences.


I studied in Sergio Perez Cooking School for three years where I was a teacher and chef.  Before opening my two restaurants Al Carbon and Ivan Chef Justo, I worked at three restaurants as head chef. I cooked at La Familia, La Fontana and Gastropol in Havana, Cuba.


My motivation in life is to make the same great food for my clients that I would serve to my own family.  My clients come from around the world and expect the best. The food we make is all organic and high quality.  We buy all our fresh meats and vegetables from local markets.  Following the “Chef Ivan Way," our cuisine tends to be international and not limited to only Cuban food.  When I travel, I am always looking for new ideas and new recipes in different parts of the world like China, Thailand, India, Philippines, Greece, America, South America, Spain, and France.


We like to mix this type of international cuisine with Cuban cuisine and making a brand new, unique type of dining experience the Chef Ivan way for "Cuban Fusion." We want to show the world that when they come to Cuba they can experience a multi-national taste. 


The most important element of our restaurants and catering is the customer experience.  We are always going to have the same world-class service, however our menu is going to reflect new and exciting tastes – from everywhere.